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REFERENCES speak for itself

We are working hard in the IT industry to meet every professional standard needs.
Encouraged by chasing crazy projects, we never stop in our initial research and go far beyond.
Our production is limited, but very creative, original and has very own soul. See for yourself.


Complete realisation website for our game. With special asynchronous multiplayer API development.

Finished 2015 VIEW IN ACTION


Own audio-production soundtrack for game BLACKHOLE. Music produced by: Jakub Miřejovský and Jan Ševčík.

Finished 2015 PLAY NOW


Editing, post-production and mastering for client: Dreadlocks Ltd.

August 2014 PLAY VIDEO


Complete back-end and front-end programing for our client Playman s.r.o.

Finished 2014 VIEW IN ACTION

Far Cry Runner

Created for Playman s.r.o. Marketing tool to atract more people to FAR CRY 4.

November 2013 PLAY GAME

RealGeek Gang

Promotion clip for e-shop Editing & Post-Production work only.

September 2013 PLAY VIDEO

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